Mike Hirschbach




"I love teaching, and watching that "Aha!"
moment when something suddenly clicks"

Many of us have forgotten how to be imaginative and intuitive. Joyful play is a state that is utterly natural to us during childhood, and yet becomes neglected as we get older. We're transformed from the leaping, running, spiraling energy of the child, to the sedate, limited movement of the adult. These 3 workshops assist mind and body and spirit to emerge, and to explore the pleasure of performance. 

The workshops create a learning situation and safe structure where we can recover that state of everyday creativity and openness which is our birthright. 

Over the years I've taught uncountable workshops and extended classes for schools, universities, theatre groups, corporations, and the public. I taught theatre at Neptune Theatre in Halifax for over 12 years, movement at Halifax Dance, and at Acadia University, and been a speaker at the San Francisco Circus School.

I am currently teaching for the Cirque du Monde program of the Cirque du Soleil, and have recently returned from intensive workshops in Montreal and Burkina Faso, Africa.


These workshops are available for all age levels, and are adaptable to fit the needs of the students, from introductory classes to weekend workshops to full-tilt residency intensives. 

Depending on their length and the studentís desire, they may end in a performance. 

The workshops benefit new, developing, and professional actors and those interested in circus work, but all that's really required is enthusiasm, and a sense of exploration and fun.

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