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Arts for Social Change

Cirque du Monde
The program provides an outlet for circus performers looking for a way to direct their talent toward a social objective ...
Clowns Without  Borders
...offers laughter to relieve the suffering of all persons, especially children, who live in areas of crisis including refugee camps, conflict zones and territories in situations of emergency.
Patch Adams
...My concern for humanity's future drives me to want to put whatever efforts I can to changing everything that hurts people and nature. The Gesundheit! Institute is that for me, and so many others.
Zip Zap Circus, South Africa
...based in Cape Town is a unique organization in South Africa that utilizes the challenging medium of circus arts training and performance for the purpose of educational outreach and youth development of South African Children.

An Eclectic List of Performers I've Worked With

Helen Donnelly
Clown, Theatrical Performer
Sherry Lee Hunter
At an early age, physical comedian Sherry Lee Hunter learned the secret to making people laugh ... link coming soon!
Viktor Kee
The New York Times:
"What if Diagelev choreographed for a juggler ? That's all you can think about as Viktor Kee performs a wondrous ballet with spheres rolling in precise patterns across his body as though gravity was a force that did not apply to him ..."
Colette Morrow
... an aerial artist - with vast and varied experience from the Millennium Dome project to 3.5 years touring with Cirque Du Soleil's 'Dralion', to dancing with Pop Band 'Take That'- Ultimate Tour and DVD.
Derek Scott
... a multi-talent performer, having performed on and off-Broadway, London's West End, The Stratford Shakespearean Festival, Cirque du Soleil, Just For Laughs, , Mayakovsky Theatre (Moscow), L'Olympia (Paris), The Rio (Las Vegas), to mention a few.
Paul Vachon (French site)
I've always believed that the circus and the street are two sides of the same coin - that both are rooted in risks and dreams. If anything, I was determined to give these kids a chance to have fun and create something that's their own ...

Equipment Companies

Higgins Brothers - Toronto ON Canada
Goudurix - Montreal PQ Canada
Serious Juggling - Portland OR USA
Dube - New York NY USA
Renegade - Santa Cruz CA USA

Nova Scotia Resources

Magicians Club
Halifax Parkour
Acrobatics Club
Ross Creek Centre for the Arts
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Wolfville Circus Club
Bluenose Jugglers
Theatre Nova Scotia
Halifax Dance

Theatres in Nova Scotia

Astor Theatre  - Liverpool
Neptune Theatre - Halifax
Mermaid Theatre - Windsor
Ships Company Theatre - Parrsboro
The CentreStage Theatre Society - Kentville
The deCoste Centre - Pictou
King's Theatre - Annapolis Royal
Alderney Landing Theatre - Dartmouth

Cirque du Soleil 
Internationally celebrated circus/theatre company ...

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